Onstage Performances

The main stage will be open from 10:00AM to 6:00PM both Saturday and Sunday. You will find the main stage on the north end of the field.

Saturday – September 17, 2016

Featuring: The Brothers Blue, The Dady Brothers, Li’l Anne and Hot Cayenne, and The Buddhahood

10:00  J and the Devilish Fools
10:30 Dutch Hollow
11:00 Brothers Blue Band WideThe Brothers Blue

Benny Haravitch, Matthew Sperber, Charlie Coughlin

12:00 Buffalo Suzuki Fiddle Club
12:30 Dady Band WideThe Dady Brothers

Joe and John Dady

1:30 Buffalo Suzuki Fiddle Club
2:00 Lil Anne Band WideLi’l Anne and Hot Cayenne

Anne Stork, Doug Chatman, Peter Glanville, Gary Graeff, Walt Lorenzut, Gordon Rowland

3:00 Tasty Parker and the Joy Riders
3:30 buddhahoodThe Buddhahood

Jim Schwarz, Gabe Costanzo, Courtney Balles, Rick Whitney, Nate Coffey, Pete Mugnolo, Capt. David Weinberg, Paul Mastriani

5:00 Joanna Clare, Fiddle with David Deacon
5:30  Big Jam!

Sunday – September 18, 2016

Featuring: Howie Lester and Friends, Watkins and the Rapiers, The Crawdiddies and Bobby Henrie and the Goners.

10:00  Rick Constantino 
10:30  Knives and Forks 
11:00 Howie-Lester WideHowie Lester and Friends

Led by Howie Lester

12:00 Allen Hopkins
12:30 Watkins Band WideWatkins and the Rapiers

Scott Regan, Kerry Regan, Tom Whitmore, Marty York, Steve Piper, Rick McRae

1:30 The String Chickens
2:00 Crawdiddies Band WideThe Crawdiddies

Heather Taylor, Jay Chaffee, Dave Paprocki, Ben Haravitch

3:00 TBA
3:30 Bobby Henrie Band WideBobby Henrie and the Goners

Bobby Henrie, Brian Williams, and James Symonds

4:30 The Big Jam led by

Kathy Vandemortel

5:30  Jeremy Button,  Bagpipes


Workshops will be held during each day in smaller tents around the field.

Saturday – September 17, 2016

12:30 Clawhammer Banjo with Ben Haravitch
2:00 Penny Whistle with Joe Dady  OR

Eli Thomas – Native American Storyteller/Wisdom Keeper will share his knowledge of growing up with the Oral Tradition on the Ononadaga Nation.

3:00 Songwriting with John Dady

Sunday – September 18, 2016

12:30 Blues Fiddle with Howie Lester
2:00 Eli Thomas, Native American Storyteller/Wisdom Keeper
2:30  Bluegrass Fiddle with Mark Weeg of the String Chickens