Some of the finest bands from Western New York will be bringing their sounds to the 2016 stage of the Springwater Music Fair.  Music ranging from American roots, folk, zydeco, world-ternative, rock and more will be ringing in the beautiful surrounding hills of Springwater.  Bring your instrument and join the jamming or learn something new at one of our workshops.  Whether you are listening or playing, the Fair is two days of non-stop music and fun.

stage_fromtent - Version 2Fair volunteers are out recruiting and bands are setting their schedules for the 2016 Springwater Music Fair and American Crafts Show. Solo artists or bands that are interested in sharing their talent on stage for FREE are invited to complete an application, email the Chief Music Wangler or use the Contact Us page.

The music schedule is being filled in as you read this. Keep checking here and on the program page for updates to the times and bands.

Allen Hopkins

Allen HopkinsAllen plays just about anything and everything related to traditional and contemporary folk music.  At home playing blues, bluegrass, Celtic, Klezmer, old-timey and much more with an emphasis on participation and involvement with the historical and social context of the music.  He plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, harmonica, Appalachian dulcimer, Autoharp, ukulele and the list continues.  He has performed throughout New York and the Northeast and is a member of several bands and folk groups.  The thing that he has always loved about folk music is its intimacy-the lack of distance between performer and audience.

Bobby Henrie and the Goners

Bobby Henrie Band WideBobby Henrie and the Goners came together in 1985 and have been shakin’ Rockabilly and roots rock ‘n’ roll ever since. The members of the trio — Bobby Henrie, Brian Williams, and James Symonds — all experienced solo musicians, coalesced over the zeal for the tradition of musicians that defined much of the musical 50’s, a la Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and Johnny Burnette. At times the band serves up surf rock, at times the vocals warble Elvis-style, but it’s all a lot of mid-century sweat and soul.  City Newspaper

Brothers Blue

Brothers Blue Band WideThe Brothers Blue created a buzz last year and we couldn’t wait to hear more in 2016.   Turtle Hill Folk Festival honored them as the winners of the “New Voices” Emerging Artists Showcase. Rochester City Newspaper hails their newly released CD “Ghost Town” as “a well-honed, fine-tuned record that expertly cuts a piece out of the bluegrass lexicon with its stark instrumentation and lush-plaintive at times-vocals”.  They are not to be missed.

Buffalo Suzuki Fiddle Club

Buffalo SuzukiWe are delighted to welcome The Buffalo Suzuki Fiddle Club to the Springwater Music Fair.  They have been performing for us for all eight years of the Fair’s existence. The Suzuki method is dedicated to the goal of promoting “World Harmony Through Music” and travels to perform in various locations in our area and around the world.  We thank them for sharing their talent with us every year.

David Deacon

David DeaconDavid Deacon is a traditional musician based in Syracuse, New York. He grew up in Philadelphia’s Irish and Old-Time music communities in the 1970s, and has been playing music since he was a child.  David has played in and helped organize local Irish music sessions for the last fifteen years, playing tenor banjo and mandolin, guitar, and fiddle.  With a Master’s degree in Folklore and a Ph.D. in history, he is deeply interested in the history of Irish and American traditional music.  The Fair has learned that he is regarded as “one of the regions finest Irish musicians”.  He is pleased to be collaborating with Joann Claire at the Springwater Fair.


Dutch Hollow

Dutch HollowDutch Hollow band hails from the hills of Springwater, New York. The three sisters, Veronica, Monika and Krystina Gauer, have been composing and performing together and separately their entire lives. In late 2015, Dutch Hollow was formed on the basis of combining rich, three-part harmonies with sounds of acoustic guitars and a cajon. Together they compose both original and cover songs, bringing a youthful and fun vibe to popular arrangements from artists like CAM, The Strumbellas, and Maren Morris.

Howie Lester and Friends

Howie-Lester WideHowie Lester has a passion for bluegrass, Irish, folk, Cajun, country, Americana and more.  His energetic style hooks you right in to whatever he has on his musical mind.  His friends share his passion.   Whatever they bring to the festival, it will be a sound you’ve never heard or dreamed of and you’ll be so happy you came to listen.

J and the Devilish Fools

J and the Devilish Fools have been rocking around the Livonia area and beyond playing Alternative/Folk/Rock tunes from the 60’s and more.   With Jason Hill providing vocals and rhythm guitar,  Travis Englert playing harmonica and djembe and Nina Vanvolkenburg providing a groove on djembe, we bring home some original tunes and a fresh twist to some of the “Oldies” as well.  You can catch us playing at area nursing homes,  the Geneseo Farmer’s Market, The Rabbit Room, Idle Hour, and the Lovin’ Cup.

Jeremy Button

Jeremy ButtonJeremy Button has played with the Springwater Fair since the very beginning.  He is dedicated to this Fair and we are so delighted that he returns yearly to lend his talent.  A Canadice native, Jeremy plays the Great Highland Bagpipes in the Rochester, NY area.  He also plays with Feadan Or Pipe Band and is an active solo competitor. Every year he shares a poem with us.  His poem for 2016:  What started as a fiddle fair, Just could not be contained.  Wanting to share in the fun, The fiddle’s friends came out to play!  Whistles and mandolins, Standup bass would sound just right.  We’ll bring it all to a close with the skirl of Hieland Pipes!  Oh such delight!  I scarcely know, What else could we do?  “We want more!” the people cried.  Not just one day, how ’bout two?!

Joanna Claire

joanna maressaJoanna Claire is a junior in high school and developing her skills as an actress, violinist, Irish Fiddler and choral musician at the Hochstein School of Music, The West Genesee High School Fine Arts program and the Drumcliffe School of Irish Arts.  She has been honored to perform the Mozart Concerto at the Syracuse Civic Center, has finished 1st place in the school and Clifton Springs Talent Shows, and has been Concert Master of the All-County Orchestra as well as the West Genesee High School Symphony.  Among her competitions she has won the Mid-Atlantic Slow-Air Irish Fiddle Championship twice and placed 3rd in dance tunes which qualified her to compete with the best young Irish fiddlers at the All-Ireland fiddle championships.  She has also received the Undergraduate Strings Award at West Genesee High and the prestigious Young Artist Award from Senator DeFrancisco.  This is Joanna’s 4th appearance at the Springwater Music Fair.

Kathy Vandemortel and The Big Jam

Kathy VandemortelWhen the Fair asked musicians in the area who should lead the Big Jam the hands down answer was Kathy Vandemortel – she is the best.  We are pleased that she will join us for the 2016 Music Fair.  It was in 1989 when Kathy first heard a live string band playing Appalachian old-time tunes that she was infected with fiddle fever. In those early days she began spending most of her free time at fiddle camps, workshops, festivals and jams learning tunes and picking up tips from others. Over the many years since then she has performed and played for dances across all of New York State, and parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Kathy has taught fiddle and old-time workshops for music clubs and music festivals, as well as private fiddle lessons. She has been hosting a twice-monthly old-time jam session in her home since 1992 and gave the old-time community in Rochester, NY its birth. Kathy also plays with Stephen Bland in their band Old Time Hoedown.

Knives and Forks

Knives and ForksSpringwater musicians Meg Grindrod, Colleen Liggett and John Kerr of Knives and Forks were introduced by a mutual friend and soon discovered that they all loved playing fiddle tunes. They quickly created Sprincodaba (Springwater Contra-Dance Band), but changed the name when the trio started playing for English Country Dances. Meg plays piano and writes a few tunes; John plays mandolins; and Colleen fills in the spaces with banjo, mandolin, and other instruments, and she sings whenever they let her.

Li’l Anne and the Hot Cayenne

Lil Anne Band WideLi’l Anne and the Hot Cayenne is one of the hottest Regional Zydeco Dance Bands in the North East.  Truly regional, comprised of members from Rhode Island, Ithaca/Newark/Rochester NY.  This band is on the road constantly in demand from Maine to Washington DC.  Li’l Anne’s Zydeco is infused with their own spicy blend of rock n’ roll, blues, and funk.   City Newspaper

Old Skedaddalinks

Kathy VandemortelKathy Vandemortel(fiddle, guitar, banjo-uke,harmonica, vocals) Stephen Bland(fiddle, guitar, banjo, vocals) that we all know and love from Old Time Hoedown team up with Dave Frenzel(guitar, mandolin, banjo-uke, harmonica, vocals)  to create some new sounds that wander into a little bit of Western Swing doing some Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan songs, a little Djano Reinhardt and some other new selections.  We are looking forward to hearing their new sound!

Rick Constantino


Tasty Parker and the Joy Riders

tastyparker editedThis three piece group was born out of a 20 year friendship, a love of music, and pursuit of joy. Maureen & Eric Rich, along with Greg Broadhurst, play an eclectic mix of covers, some old some new. Playing together for about three years, as the Tuesday Night Music Club, we all play in other bands as well. Maureen(host of Road To Joy, Tuesday 6-8PM on WRUR), & Eric, with The Tasty Parker Band, and Greg, with the Tyler Pearce Project. With the trio, we play some Americana, along with some Rock & Soul tunes. We invite you come down, shake your groove thing, sing along, come on the joy ride with us. Hear them at:

The Buddhahood

buddhahoodHow do you describe Buddhahood? They describe themselves as a “World-Ternative Groove train in and out of Rochester”.  They are creative, high energy, explosive and just indescribable fun!  Playing a blend of Afropop, Roots, Reggae, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Samba they will have you on your feet and moving to the groove. Check them out on Facebook also.

The Crawdiddies

Crawdiddies Band WideWe met the Crawdiddies – “Washboard Dave” Paprocki, “Banjo Ben” Haravitch , Bassman Jay Chaffee, and the magnificent Heather Taylor – at The Roots Cafe in Naples, NY.  We are very pleased that they have agreed to play a set at the 2016 Springwater Music Fair.  Check out their website and Facebook page for updated information on the band.

The band is a Rochester staple, and plays regularly around the Finger Lakes.  They recently released their second CD, so you can listen to them at home.

The Dady Brothers

Dady Band WideThe Dady Brothers have been charming audiences with their incomparable music skills all over the world.   Playing a melding of American Folk roots and Irish Traditional with a  blending of other genres  they have created a sound that brings generations of listeners together.  Check them out on Facebook also.  

The String Chickens

The String Chickens
The String Chickens
play an upbeat collection of traditional old-time fiddle tunes mixed with Irish, Bluegrass, American, Scottish and country music. Based in Rochester, NY, the String Chickens play merrily throughout the Finger Lakes region and are sure to make you smile and get those toes a tappin’.

Amazing fiddle and mandolin player, Mark Weeg, is an energetic and unforgettable performer. Mark is the author of “The Violinist’s Guide to Fiddling” published Mel Bay, and many of the tunes the band performs are from this book. Mark’s students, String Chickens Trina Clickner and Denise Carder carry the melody and harmony, allowing Mark to improvise and embellish, taking the tunes from good to great. Guitar and vocals are by String Chicken David Russell (Merriwick Folk Soundings), and the newest member of the String Chickens is upright bass player and vocalist Fred Vieira.

Watkins and the Rapiers

Watkins Band WideWatkins and the Rapiers are  American Roots with a beat, folk, rock and more sing through with a twang of country harmony occasionally sneaking through.  They are a great group of song writers and can play just about any way you want it!  Then there is Scott Regan who works his magic on the show Open Tunings aired from 10-12 Monday –Friday on  WRUR FM 88.5.    He brings the best in rock, folk, acoustic and more to listeners in Western New York.