Kathy Vandemortel and The Big Jam

Kathy VandemortelWhen the Fair asked musicians in the area who should lead the Big Jam the hands down answer was Kathy Vandemortel – she is the best.  We are pleased that she will join us for the 2016 Music Fair.  It was in 1989 when Kathy first heard a live string band playing Appalachian old-time tunes that she was infected with fiddle fever. In those early days she began spending most of her free time at fiddle camps, workshops, festivals and jams learning tunes and picking up tips from others. Over the many years since then she has performed and played for dances across all of New York State, and parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Kathy has taught fiddle and old-time workshops for music clubs and music festivals, as well as private fiddle lessons. She has been hosting a twice-monthly old-time jam session in her home since 1992 and gave the old-time community in Rochester, NY its birth. Kathy also plays with Stephen Bland in their band Old Time Hoedown.

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