Create and Explore nature through art activities!!

Each year we plan a day’s worth of fun and easy crafts for children of all ages to enjoy. The activities are free and usually center round nature and music. In the past we’ve made musical instruments, stick people, boats that float, birdfeeders, owls, and mobiles, to name a few.

Fairy Houses!

2014childrens_5 - Version 2

We have a separate area exclusively for Fairy House building. You may forage along the trails for supplies or use items from our woodland stash.   A base to build on is provided and makes it possible for our young artists to take home their creations. Parental participation may be helpful. It often becomes a family affair.



Join Cathy McGrath for a highly active family program of favorite traditional singing games and songs.  Everyone will dance, clap and sing in a celebration of creative movement, self-expression and friendly cooperation.  Cathy uses her guitar, banjo, lumberjack puppets, a flute and a penny whistle in her program.  You won’t want to miss the fun!!

Other Activities

This year we are proud to have Springwater’s fire truck with real firemen and women to show off their equipment. That’s right, all the bells and whistles!

Be sure to look for our colorful tent at the fair. A schedule of events will be listed in the program as well as outside the tent.

Although we encourage our parents to let the children make their own crafts, we appreciate parents staying close by for safety reasons.

Check back throughout the year for updates! See you in September and don’t forget to bring your imaginations!