Springwater Fiddlers Fair

The Springwater Fiddlers Fair and American Craft Show!

SATURDAY September 19, 2015 10am to 6pm

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The Fiddlers Fair

Join us on the 19th of September 2015 for the 7th Annual Springwater Fiddler’s Fair, now located at Punky Hollow Farm. Donations of $5 are accepted and children under ten accompanied by an adult are free.

The Fiddlers Fair Mission Statement

You could think of a mission statement as writing your epitaph on your first birthday. It should briefly summarize what you want to do with your life and the legacy you hope to leave for others. A clear advantage of this is, “If you know where you want to end up, you can have a pretty good idea of how to get there and how you wish to see yourself along the way”. This holds true for individuals as well as corporations.

Our committee has the unique opportunity to favorably touch the lives of thousands of folks, albeit for one short day, the memory of that day can live on within each and every one of them for years, perhaps on occasion even brightening those grayer days. This can be a gift the merit of which may only be fully known to some long after the music has faded.

The success of our fair is not measured by how many attend, but by how many of them are able to covet a fond memory of the event a year or more down the road.

We strive to see this fair as a gift to our community and all those who attend. We are mere stewards of their joy.

In summary, let us always choose those options that create the greatest good will for all. Knowing our product is good will and the fair is the means by which we deliver that good will is the essence of our mission.


Acoustic musicians (country, Irish, etc), numbering more than a hundred, all ages, from throughout central and western New York, northern Pennsylvania, and further afield, provide onstage performances, workshops, and join in informal jamming sessions in cleared areas in the surrounding beautiful woodlands at Punky Hollow Farm. For full details, see our Music page, information there will be regularly updated.

American Crafts

Our artists are from the Finger Lakes Region and they bring to you an eclectic mix of Folk Art Crafts, Basketry, Pottery, Textile/Fiber, Glass, Wood, Jewelry, Leatherwork, Metal/Stone and Mixed Media and 2-Dimensional works. This is a juried exhibition and one that embraces the novice and the professional. You will be pleased, we’re sure! For full details, see our Crafts page, information there will be regularly updated.


Some of our food vendors are renowned restaurateurs whose fares will feature locally grown fresh produce and seasonal products. We guarantee a culinary experience that will delight. Delicious snacks, meals and drinks will be available all day.

Summing it up

The Fiddlers Fair will be an all-day musical event for the whole family. Whether you prefer to sit and enjoy the music playing on stage, or hike surrounding scenic trails to experience “fiddling-in-the woods”, we guarantee an eclectic music mix. You can also expect some lively jam sessions that will get your feet stomping and hands clapping! So come take in the music, take a walk, learn a little something, consume some gourmet cuisine, and take home a handmade treasure. See you there.


  • Service dogs only

  • No alcohol on the grounds

  • Seating is limited, please bring chairs

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