There’s magic here, in these hollows, carved out by ice over the last two million years leaving behind a region unlike any other in the world and it keeps bringing you back. These quiet and sleepy hills of Springwater afford a uniquely comfortable stage for our Fair.

It’s a slow moving landscape –  constantly evolving with the seasons as does our Fair. This year, we are including a full spectrum of music including the traditional fiddling music you’ve been coming to hear, mixed in with Folk Americana, Bluegrass, Zydeco, R&B, Cajun and more.

This year will be a two day event, September 17th and 18th. More music, longer performances, a weekend opportunity to see and hear visual and performing arts in a truly enchanting setting.

Also we will now have two stages, each group performing longer, all under one tent including seating with room to dance.

And on Saturday night we will host a Barn Dance.


Three years ago we moved up the road from the original Fair site at Sugarbush Hollow to our present location at Punky Hollow Farm, 8266 Pardee Hollow Road, Wayland, NY 14572. Thus giving the Fair space to include a soccer field full of artists representing the entire Finger Lakes Region.

2014childrens_2 - Version 3

The Children’s Area continues to grow with crafts, story telling, singing, puppetry, face painting and of course, the Fairy Houses!


IMG_2159 - Version 2

The Fair started 8 years ago (in 2009) by a couple of local people who thought it would be a good idea to have an ol’ time fiddlers festival. Word of mouth, mostly. That first year was so successful, we decided to do it again and here we are today – adding on and doing more, thinking of things for next year before this one is over! We are an all volunteer not-for-profit organization, not owned by anyone but run by very devoted, talented people who have become like family.  A collective pulse, so to speak, who’s intentions are to bring to you excitement and memories, good healthy memories.


With our profits, we’ve awarded Art & Music scholarships to Wayland-Cohocton seniors since 2010. Springwater Trails was created that year as well. Our intentions are to always “give back” not take from this community.

Core to the success of the Springwater Music Fair and American Crafts Show are the musicians, artists and vendors who come and support the
fair. Anyone interested in being a part of the fair is invited to submit an application.


mucicicans_stage - Version 2

An eclectic mix of onstage bands playing music from American roots, zydeco, bluegrass and more will have your fingers snappin’ and feet tappin’. Bring your instrument along and join the informal jamming or take a workshop in the most beautiful woodland setting of the Springwater hills.

See the full details are on our Music page and watch for our continuous updates.


crafts - Version 2

The artists who exhibit with us say this is their favorite show. They bring with them amazing artwork – Cigar box guitars, gourd art, Native American story paintings, re-purposed feed bags. Folk Art Crafts, photography and sculpture. Jewelry, clothing, beadwork and pottery. Woodworking, textiles, furniture. Spoons, pillows and soaps.

There’s no lack of things to choose from. You won’t be disappointed but thrilled when you pick up an item that says, “You can’t live without me!”

See samples on the Crafts page.



Hungry? Get ready for an all-day affair making your tummy happy. From gourmet to local recipes. From frozen Duck egg custard to funnel cakes. Fresh, seasonal Finger Lakes dining to a locally owned family restaurant with award winning recipes and nightly house specials. Picky eaters, you say? Don’t worry, we’ve got them covered. Mac-n cheese, grilled hots & hamburgers. Top it off with a great cup of coffee, fabulous baked goods and an ice cream.

Want more? Check out the Food page.



How about some homemade jam? Jelly or pickles, all picked from the plants, bushes and trees right here in the Little Finger Lakes. Our Maple trees are the best in the world and we’ve made you some of the best syrup and fluff you’ll ever have. Fresh farm produce as well – the prettiest in the land.

Need details? See the Food page