If’s been an easy winter as far as snow in Springwater. Now that spring is really hear, you should expect news about 2017 very soon.

There’s magic here, in these hollows, carved out by ice over the last two million years leaving behind a region unlike any other in the world and it keeps bringing you back. These quiet and sleepy hills of Springwater afford a uniquely comfortable stage for our Fair.

It’s a slow moving landscape –  constantly evolving with the seasons as does our Fair. Last year was our third year at Punky Hollow Farm, on Pardee Hollow Rd at Tabors Corners Rd in Springwater, NY, with a two day event with more music, more artists and more food.

Stay tuned to our 2016 Wrapup as we post more about last year’s fair.


IMG_2159 - Version 2

The Fair started 8 years ago (in 2009) by a couple of local people who thought it would be a good idea to have an ol’ time fiddlers festival. Word of mouth, mostly. That first year was so successful, we decided to do it again and here we are today – adding on and doing more, thinking of things for next year before this one is over! We are an all volunteer not-for-profit organization, not owned by anyone but run by very devoted, talented people who have become like family.  A collective pulse, so to speak, who’s intentions are to bring to you excitement and memories, good healthy memories.


With our profits, we’ve awarded Art & Music scholarships to Wayland-Cohocton seniors since 2010. Springwater Trails was created that year as well. Our intentions are to always “give back” not take from this community.

Core to the success of the Springwater Music Fair and American Crafts Show are the musicians, artists and vendors who come and support the
fair. Thanks so much to all who came in 2016 for a great fair.